Stealth Performance

We here at Stealth take pride in our work. We uphold one of the best standards of exhaust after markets in South Africa and looking forward to extend overseas.
Every exhaust that leaves our premises go through a checking system to make sure there are no malfunctions and to ensure a snug fit. Each exhaust is fitted by hand and fitted to the correct size and speck to your vehicle.
We also do Carbon Fibre jobs the make the weight of your vehicle lighter.
Stealth Performance was Established in 2001 and still going strong. As you can imagine technology keeps changing and so do ours. We frequently check all equipment to make sure that no technical difficulties accrue as well as releasing the best products to our clients.

We run montly SPECIALS so feel free to visit our catalogue page to see if there are any new and existing specials you would like to get your hands on.

Carbon Fibre
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